Chapter One - General Account Information
Chapter Two - Control Panel
Chapter Three - FTP Instructions
Chapter Four - Telnet Instructions
Chapter Five - POP3 Email Settings
Chapter Six - Mail Server
Chapter Seven - Microsoft FrontPage
Chapter Eight - Anonymous FTP
Chapter Nine - Site Statistics
Chapter Ten - Password Protect Dirs

Chapter Eleven - CGI-Bin
Chapter Twelve - Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Chapter Thirteen - Changing Passwords
Chapter Fourteen - SubDomains
Chapter Fifteen - PreInstalled Scripts
Chapter Sixteen - MySQL
Chapter Seventeen - Faqs
Chapter Eighteen - PHP/SSI
Chapter Nineteen - Real Audio/Real Video
Chapter Twenty - Policy & Disclaimer


A SubDomain is a domain name that is based on your current domain name.   An example of a SubDomain of would be   This feature is useful if you want to divide up your site into different sections.   The document root for your subdomain will be the subdirectory that has the same name as your subdomain prefix.  For example:
is the same as

Therefore, you should upload to your subdomain accordingly. 

Subdomains can be set up in your control panel. You will then need to make a subdirectory in your public_html directory for each of your subdomains.

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