Chapter One - General Account Information
Chapter Two - Control Panel
Chapter Three - FTP Instructions
Chapter Four - Telnet Instructions
Chapter Five - POP3 Email Settings
Chapter Six - Mail Server
Chapter Seven - Microsoft FrontPage
Chapter Eight - Anonymous FTP
Chapter Nine - Site Statistics
Chapter Ten - Password Protect Dirs

Chapter Eleven - CGI-Bin
Chapter Twelve - Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
Chapter Thirteen - Changing Passwords
Chapter Fourteen - SubDomains
Chapter Fifteen - PreInstalled Scripts
Chapter Sixteen - MySQL
Chapter Seventeen - Faqs
Chapter Eighteen - PHP/SSI
Chapter Nineteen - Real Audio/Real Video
Chapter Twenty - Policy & Disclaimer


How do I access my control panel?
(Replace with your actual domain name and login in with your username and password)

What is SSH?
SSH is similar to telnet, but it's more secure. It uses high level encryption and compression to make sure nobody can takeover or eavesdrop on your telnet session. We recommend SecureCRT for client side SSH access.

Do you allow the running of daemons or background programs?
We may allow programs to run continually or intermittently in the background via "cron" jobs. These are considered on a one-to-one basis and an extra charge will be incurred based on system resources used and operational maintenance needed.

What are all the files and directories in my home directory?

public_html Your web directory. Place all html web files here.
public_ftp Your anonymous ftp directory.

What are all the files and directories in my public_html directory?

index.htm Main page for website. Replace with your own.
cgi-bin Directory for your cgi scripts.

I am trying to FTP using WS_FTP but when I try to send I am getting a 503 No Port Command Issued First error.
Make sure you do not have passive transfer mode enabled in your ftp software.

How do I run my own CGI programs?
Put your CGI programs in the cgi-bin directory. Make sure you upload them in ASCII mode.
Change permissions to 755 for the script (chmod 755 script-name)
Access them via

I'm getting 'Internal server error' running my Perl script. What's wrong?
1.When executed, you must print an HTTP header followed by a blank line. The header must contain either a Content-type field or a Location field.
   eg. print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

2.You have incorrectly set the path to Perl in your script.
3.You have used invalid Perl arguments

I'm getting 'file not found' running my script. What's wrong?
Check the following:
   1. script is located in your cgi-bin directory.
   2. page that calls the script has the path properly specified
   3. script has world read & executable permission.

How do I use formmail?

Formmail is a very easy to use form processor, simply place thefollowing on any page after entering your domain.  You can change  this code to fit your specific needs.

<input type=hidden name="recipient" value="">
<input type=hidden name="subject" value="Order">
<input type=hidden name="return_link_url" value="">
<input type=hidden name="return_link_title" value="Back to MainPage">

Be sure to replace, with your real domainname.

What are my Email Settings
If your email address is, you would use the following info:

Password: yourpassword (This is the password you set when you added the pop account in your cpanel/
Mail Server:

How do I setup the extra POP accounts I'm supposed to have with my account?
Simply use our online control panel to add these.

I can't send email. What's wrong?
Our SMTP servers are configured as secure relays. This means that you cannot simply reference "" as an Outgoing mailserver unless you successfully log in via one of your pop3 accounts at "' before you try to send. This is a mandatory setting to prevent spammers from using our mailservers as havens for unsolicited email. If you are getting a "relaying prohibited" or "disconnected by administrator" error, it means that you haven't logged into the pop3 server at your domain before you tried to send through the smtp server at your domain. To log in, you need to check for mail first.

In addition to this, you might not be able to send regardless of if you check mail successfully. Some ISPs have it set so that their users cannot use an outbound SMTP server to relay messages. If you are still experiencing problems sending through your domain, and are certain that you have logged in via pop3 to an account at your domain, you might want to contact your local ISP to see if they do allow their users to use outbound smtp servers. Several large ISP's are in the process of blocking all access to port 25 (the SMTP port). A few hosts that are currently doing this are:
(There are probably others, these are just the ones we are aware of)

They do this so that you will be forced to use their outgoing SMTP servers. Instead of using as your outgoing mail server, you should use the SMTP servers that your ISP provides you with.

Why do I get a "Relaying Denied: Authenticate with POP first" error when trying to send email through the server?
You need to login to your pop account and check your mail first. The server has anti-spam software installed that won't allow anyone to use the smtp server until they have logged in first. This keeps just anyone from connecting to the server and sending out thousands of messages. You may need to wait 20-30 seconds before trying to send mail again for the server process to recognize you after you check your mail. Once you have logged into the pop server and have been authenticated, you will be allowed to send mail for 30 minutes without having to login again. If you do login again, your 30 minutes will start from the time you logged in last.

How do I create email aliases, and how do I redirect them?
Simply use our online control panel to add these

How do I access webmail with my browser?
(Replace with your actual domain name)
Log in with the pop account username and password.

I've noticed the X-AntiAbuse entries on the e-mail headers, and I'm just curious what the purpose of them is.
here's an example:

X-AntiAbuse: This header was added to track abuse, please include it with any abuse report
X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname -
X-AntiAbuse: Original Domain -
X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID - [0 0] / [0 0]
X-AntiAbuse: Sender Address Domain -

It's so we can identify spammers. It is especially helpful when someone is sending mail as "nobody" (using scripts, etc)

Where are my access logs?
If you use your online control panel, and goto "Access Stats" you have access to Analogue stats (ie raw) and Webalizer stats (these need configuration).

How do I create a mailing list?
See the control panel.

Where can I get support for a mailing list? - the home site of the maillist software and: a documentation page - A Frequently Asked Questions Page a users list mailing list archive to see if your question has already been addressed.

What is the correct path to perl(and other programs)?
Perl: /usr/bin/perl
Send Mail - /usr/lib/sendmail
Date -

How do I password protect my pages?
Simply use the control panel and select "Webpage Protection"

How do I create my own error pages?
Select "Error Handlers" in the control panel.

How can I tell how much disk space I have by telnet?
Telnet in and execute the command:
du -sm
This will show you many megabytes you have used. Just subtract that ammount of space your plan says you have and there you got it.